Sep 30, 2011

A new member of our family!

no im not having another baby. but we did adopt one... well kinda.

if you consider this an adopted baby.

meet. uh. um. well we haven't quite picked a name yet but if you have any suggestions we would welcome them.

she is 3/4 bull mastiff
and 1/4 unknown

she is about 7 weeks old and is around the size of my foot (plus legs, head and a tail)

the names we are considering are

and my dad likes roxy.

we are still in the works of potty training and between her and adelaide i am so busy.

at least her and lady are getting along

i would put some more pictures up but because i live in the sticks my internet takes about 5 minutes to load a picture so this is all you get. even though she is so dang cute.

aww. i love my family. its growing :)

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love that pic of Adi with her! So CUTE! :) I'm so jealous, I really want a puppy!!