Sep 30, 2011

A new member of our family!

no im not having another baby. but we did adopt one... well kinda.

if you consider this an adopted baby.

meet. uh. um. well we haven't quite picked a name yet but if you have any suggestions we would welcome them.

she is 3/4 bull mastiff
and 1/4 unknown

she is about 7 weeks old and is around the size of my foot (plus legs, head and a tail)

the names we are considering are

and my dad likes roxy.

we are still in the works of potty training and between her and adelaide i am so busy.

at least her and lady are getting along

i would put some more pictures up but because i live in the sticks my internet takes about 5 minutes to load a picture so this is all you get. even though she is so dang cute.

aww. i love my family. its growing :)

Sep 27, 2011

darn internet

welp. i guess i'm back. i haven't had internet for like the last 5 months and i haven't had a very good functioning phone for the last 2 months. we got internet and i got a new phone number, still a crappy phone though, so i guess i have no excuse not be be social anymore. so here goes.
things that have happened in the last 6 or so months. hmm. well...

we gave up our apartment and moved to south carolina for two months
we loved it but we weren't saving enough money so we came back
Adelaide turned one!!
she is walking Running away from me any chance she gets
i turned 25
we are living in delta.... with my parents... eh
we had our 2nd anniversary
i went to cali and hung out with one of my soul sisters on the beach all week
kolton started school again in august and is doing good
we are fixing up an old house so we don't have to live with my parents
oh and we got a primary calling.

im sure lots of other things have happened that i can't think of at the moment but oh well.

so last week was our first week of teaching the sunbeams.
even though this happened most recent i want to write about it first because so many things happened that i don't want to forget about. it was an exciting day at church to say the least.

We got to sacrament like normal and we were on one of the side small benches that seats about 4 adults and maybe 1 kid. there was an empty small bench in front of us and a large empty bench to the side of us. a family came in during the opening exercises  and decided to sit in the bench in front of us. well the problem with this is that there were 6 people and one child.

this is one of those things that im sure is much funnier to see than to hear me describe but i will do my best.

they started pilling in to the bench and they got 4 adults the child and the next two adults for some reason thought they could fit on this bench. well they sure tried. no success. all the people around us, including us were all trying to hold back laughing.

the next interesting thing that happened was the choir all went up to sing and we have a guy in our ward that is probably in his late 20's maybe early thirties that has been there my whole life. he is mentally challenged but is a really nice guy. i think he has the brain of about a 3rd grader. somewhere around there. anyway he is in the choir but he must have forgot that day because in the middle of the number he gets up from his seat in the back and goes sprinting up the aisle  to the front. he goes on the wrong side of the choir and has to go all the way to the other side to get to his spot. the choir almost stops singing because he is practically knocking them over trying to get through. the whole congregation is holding back laughter at  this point. then in a whisper voice that is more like a yell he says to the conductor, sorry i forgot.

next we go to face our primary class.... dun dun dun


well i am at least here to tell you about it so that is a good sign.

lol no it really wasn't to bad.
we do have these two boy twins though. wow. they are a handful and not to mention there best friend is in there with them so its almost like having triplets. man i feel bad for there mother. i only have them for a couple hours. she has them forever!
so we get our book and we start on our lesson and its about how jesus loves everyone.
we are in the middle of trying to convey this point to them when one of the little twins says jesus hates the indians. what! where do they get this stuff from! then he goes on to say that thats why jesus made cowboys is so they could kill all the indians. well i don't know if we got the point across to him that jesus doesn't hate indians but at least he knows that jesus loves him so i think we did our job.

before taking them to primary we were advised to take all the little boys to the bathroom because they will not make it through primary if we don't.
kolton did it. i don't want to have to deal with that. he took them to the boys and there is only one stall in there and it was locked so what do they do. they all peek under the stall to see who is in there. lol. i wish i could have seen this.  then kolton notices a pile of clothes on the floor. then a little boy in the other ward but about the same age as our class comes out of the stall but naked. and waddles toward the door to leave the bathroom. kolton attempts to stop him but he wouldn't have it. then the mom must have suspected something was up cause she swooped him up and grabbed his clothes and took him.

then we took them all into primary. now keep in mind that adelaide doesn't go to nursery for another 4 months so she is tagging along on this little journey with us. oh and she loved primary. she hung out on stage area the whole time. in front of everyone doing leg lifts and rolling on the ground and dancing. it was a bit embarrassing but no one else seemed to mind so we didn't stop her. we got sung to cause we are new. that was fun.

 all in all we had a pretty fun day. we went home and took long naps after that.

Mar 22, 2011


well i know that this happened a while ago but i have had a lot happen in the last little while and i thought i would start from the beginning.

Kolton had his 24th birthday on Feb. 5th.
 yay for birthdays.
We were in delta for the event so i did what i could to make it special.
I made him an angel food cake with strawberry topping and a delicious dinner

We all sang happy birthday and he blew out his candles.

Adelaide tried to open his present that was from her.

Over all it was a pretty good day.

Jan 18, 2011

Divorce Cake

   I don't know why but lately i have wanted some cake, not just any cake, the super good homemade white cake that you find at wedding and such. i don't even like cake that much, but here i find myself online typing to my friend that keeps all my secrets... Google. 
     I type in cake recipe and the first thing that pops up is this...


A divorce cake. love it.

anyway, since i got a kitchen aid for christmas i have decided i need to try it out. try and make a real cake, not just box, eggs, oil, water.
this should be interesting....

Jan 10, 2011

2010 recap

Well it has come to that time of year again when i see all these recap and top ten lists of the year so i have decided to do a little recapping on my own life.

Ten things that have happened in my life this year.
(not necessarily in order)
  1. I had a new addition to my family. Adelaide Mai arrived July 14th, 2010. 

2. I had one of my soul sisters and an amazing friend move away.

3. Had my other soul sister get engaged!

4. I am gaining a new amazing friend out of the deal.

5. Went brunet and didn't like it so now i'm slowly going blond again.

6. Adelaide was given a name and blessing by her father, and we had lots of friends and family come for it.

7. Have gone to visit friends and family from Vegas to Idaho and everywhere in between.

8. Celebrated a wonderful Christmas!

9. Shared lots of tears, smiles and laughs.

10. Kolton and I celebrated surviving our first year of marriage and are excited to see what lies ahead of us in years to come :)

Jul 3, 2010


Sad. well at least i think it's sad that the most exciting thing that has happened to me lately is me making a new friend. Not just any friend.
isn't he just the cutest thing. 
i know i know. i see cows every day of my life pretty much but these two little babies got out of there pen and were just wandering around. so i had to stop and say hello. you can't really see the black one, he is hidding but they both walked right up to me and started licking my arms.
kolton made me leave eventually and they put them back with their moms. i'm just glad i got to experience some of their freedom with them.
oh and yes i did name them.
steve and daisy :)

May 20, 2010

Welcome to Your Blog!

Hello Lazzell,

Isn't your blog so cute? We think so. (We = Crystal and Angela)

Oh wait, you don't know about his yet... time to have a little fun then! hehehe

But when you do eventually see this, remember that you Looooove your roommies!

This whole, not-living-in-the-same-cities thing just isn't working for us.

We miss you! We need more Lassellite in our life! 

So start posting the happenings of your life on here, including PICTURES, or else!
(We created this for you, no telling what else we can do in your name.)
That's right, get those lovely fingers typing away, pronto! :)

Love you!
- Mannie and Midge